Diabetes Self-Management Blog

August, Post and Courier Book Review, “Love and Trouble: a mid-life memoir that examines desire, identity and more.”

July, Post and Courier Book Review: ‘The Stars are Fire’ a page-turner of destruction and rebuilding.

June, Post and Courier: Yoga Kids nonprofit teaches yoga, mindfulness, to South Carolina Title 1 school children.

June, Post and Courier Book Review: ‘Anything is Possible’ Stories featuring Strout’s vital characters.


March, City Paper: The photographers at City Gallery’s Altered Narratives exhibition want to preserve the old ways

February, Charleston Scene: Art Gallery Dream Finally Being Realized by Local Artists

February, City Paper: Thanks to residencies, artists have the freedom to follow their muse


December, Post and Courier Faith & Values: Staying on the Move, No rest during ‘retirement’ for Massie, former First (Scots) pastor

August, Post and Courier Review: Gruen’s ‘At the Water’s Edge’ a formulaic disappointment

June, Post and Courier Review: In ‘Missoula,’ Jon Krakauer examines college rape epidemic

2011, Charleston Magazine, Johnson Hagood

Charleston Mercury, Awards for Teachers Boosts Arts Education


Diabetes Health, The Cost of Diabetes


Literary Mama Column, Chronic Mama

Diabetes Monitor column

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