Keoka Lake

IMG_6045“Keoka Lake” is a coming-of-age story about a 16-year-old girl named Alice whose parents pull her out of boarding school before the end of the year and tell her she has to take care of her grandmother for the summer. It’s 1985, and Alice is furious about being left at the family compound in the middle of nowhere, Maine. She’d rather be loitering in Nantucket with her wealthy boarding school classmates, but her father tells her they can’t afford to send her back to school unless she helps her grandmother.

Over the course of the summer, Alice grows closer to her grandmother, and discovers family secrets that threaten the future of the family compound. When her grandmother pleads with Alice to help her save the lake, she realizes the importance of things, people, and places that last.

Sending the manuscript off to agents every day. Stay tuned….

YA Fiction and Chronic Illness

I will always be a lover of YA books and just finished “The Probability of Miracles” by Wendy Wunder. The narrator is a young woman with cancer who spends the summer on the coast of Maine with her mom and younger sister in search of a ‘miracle.’ She has a great insight toward the end of the book that spoke to me, as a woman with diabetes, and I thought I’d share: (She is spending the night with her boyfriend for the first time)

“Later she realized she could be a princess. Not really a princess, but something other than a cancer patient. She could choose the cancer and the misery or the other, more wonderful parts of her personality. She was a dancer, a scholar, a sister, a veterinary assistant, a girlfriend. She could make the cancer into a much smaller part of her being. For the first time in a long, long time, the cancer was not everything.”

Well said Wendy Wunder!