Noah’s Wife by Lindsay Starck


Check out my review! One of my favorite books of 2015.

How does a community survive when faced with the destructive powers of mother nature? In recent weeks South Carolina was tested with record breaking rainfall and devastating floods.

In her debut novel “Noah’s Wife,” North Carolina author Lindsay Starck depicts a community plagued by historic floods brought on by months of rain.

A modern allegory of the biblical flood, “Noah’s Wife” examines human nature’s will to endure. Through a compelling cast of characters, Starck illustrates the struggle to maintain hope and faith when confronted with loss and destruction. Read the full review here.


Welcome back!

Thanks to anyone who has continued to follow my blog during my long hiatus. I have resigned from my job as the marketing and communications manager at the Gibbes Museum of Art because I could no longer maintain the ‘Super Mom’ pace. My children need me at home and I need to be there for them. I need to spend my days reading and writing and while I don’t know how we are going to make this all happen, I know that this is the right move for me. Thanks for following….

Glooko, the new digital logbook for diabetes

Remember the days when you sat in your doctor’s office studying your hand written blood sugar logbooks? Your doctor would make notes on the piece of paper, trying to determine trends based on your personal records. And how accurate were these records? I can’t imagine I was the only one who rounded down when it came to numbers above 250 because who wants to stare at those “bad” numbers day after day? (of course we all should know that there are no “bad” numbers, and that high or low, these numbers are a source of information….however, the realist in me knows this is not always easy to remember when you are staring at a piece of paper that looks like a bad report card.)

Thanks to tools like Glooko, the effort to maintain handwritten records is no longer necessary, and the machine won’t fudge your numbers. Glooko, an electronic logbook, enables users to download blood glucose readings from their meter directly into an iPod Touch or iPhone, look at trends, make notes and email files directly to your healthcare provider. I’ve found it to be really easy to use, it’s compatible on 11 different meters right now, and I like that I can email my records to my doctor ahead of time. In my opinion, it’s another good excuse to spend time playing with your iphone, wink, wink.

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A New Approach to Eating, Mindfulness is very “in” and could just help your A1C and your waistline

How many of us eat dinner in front of the nightly news, or lean over the newspaper while we sip our coffee at breakfast? How many of us walk, talk or drive while eating? The answer is almost everyone. And when we’re finished eating, all too often we realize we ate more than we’d planned. Diabetes or no, overeating is not good for blood sugar control or weight management. But how do we make a change — from mindless eating to mindful eating — when our lives are too busy to stop and smell the risotto?

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