Diabetes Books on my Bookshelf, (Diabetes Monitor)

We all know that books offer an escape from reality. At the end of the day as we slip between the sheets, exhausted, we reach for the book by the side of the bed and escape into another world. Whether you are a lover of fiction, science fiction, self-help, biography, mystery or young adult books, the power of disappearing between the pages is a treat that never grows old. It doesn’t matter if the story comes in the shape of a hardcover, paperback, e-reader or an iPad, all that matters is the author’s ability to transport, to inspire and to educate.

When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1985, I was desperate to find a book about diabetes. I didn’t want a medical book or a book on the history of the disease; I wanted a book about someone like me. I wanted to know that I wasn’t alone and searched for years to find that book. All I found were cookbooks. So, I wrote my own book: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Diabetes, Authentic Advice on Everything from Eating to Dating and Motherhood.

This is the book I wanted to write ever since I was diagnosed 26 years ago. It is a both a guide book and collection of personal stories from other women on a variety of topics. The pages are filled with stories, tips and advice from women who have walked in your shoes.

I’m happy to say that the reading choices for people with diabetes have greatly expanded since I was diagnosed 26 years ago. My shelves are full of informative, inspirational, humorous, and educational books about life with diabetes. I’m not a big fan of top ten lists because someone always gets left out, but I wanted to share some of my favorite diabetes books and came up with a list of six favorites.

Read More about my top diabetes books at Diabetes Monitor.

If you feel I’ve overlooked a favorite book of yours, please let me know and I’ll include it in my next Diabetes Books column on Diabetes Monitor!

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