Wego Health Day #5, Bird in the Hand

Ekphrasis Post. Go to flickr.com/explore and write a post inspired by the image:

little Swallow

This image reminds me that as a mother, I am holding life in my hands. I am the wrinkled hand and my three boys are the Little Swallow. They are held in my hand and even though they seem old enough and smart enough and capable enough, they need me. And that is suffocating. I could let my hand go at any time, and if I let go before they are ready, my children could fall to the ground. If I can stay strong and hold this weight in my hands a little longer, they’ll fly away on their own. The hard part is knowing when to let go.

Days like yesterday (sick kids, messy house, low blood sugar, medical bills to pay), I really wanted to let go and walk away. I was tired of holding all that weight in my hands. I was tired of being the one in charge and I wanted, just for one day, to be the bird and fly.

Sometimes I am so ready to fly, but then I remember that I am the hand holding on. I remember that my kids need me and I take a deep breath and hold on a little longer.

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