What’s in Her Bag? Diabetes Supplies and more…

Emily Stunek carries an assortment of items in her bag.
“But my number one thing I always carry is a little black coach clutch. In that clutch I can fit my meter, strips, and lancing device along with my cards and ID! I simply love it! It allows me to carry my necessary stuff anywhere even if I am not wanting to carry a purse and it is stylish!
I also keep little packs of raisins. My new low blood sugar food. In each pack there are 12 grams of carbs and they are real food! Yet small, portable, and they taste good! I also usually carry a variety of other things to snack on in case I am in a crabby low mood such as fruit snacks, granola bars, fruit leather, etc. depending on the day.
The next thing you will find in my handbag is a spare infusion set in case I run into problems with my pump site. Along with a serter, vial of insulin, and 2 syringes for an emergency. These things are always in my handbag that most of the time I forget they are there!
Some of the non-diabetic things that I have random are hand sanitizer, lotion, fingernail clipper, tweezer, extra feminine products, a couple pens, and Chapstick.”

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