Paleo Diet and Diabetes

I just interviewed Dr. Steve Parker, author of the books: Conquer Diabetes and Pre-diabetes, the Low-Carb Mediterranean Diet, and The Advanced Mediterranean Diet, Lose Weight, Feel Better, Live Longer.  I wanted to talk with him about the Paleo diet (think caveman food: nuts, berries, meat, eggs and veggies) for my upcoming book, The Smart Woman’s Guide to Eating Right with Diabetes. He gave me a lot of great information about the benefits for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes in following this kind of eating plan and I’ll include bits of our conversation below:

What’s the paleo diet?

Fresh, minimally processed food.  Meat (lean or not? supermarket vs yuppiefied?), poultry, eggs, fish, leafy greens and other vegetables, nuts, berries, fruit, and probably tubers.

Non-paleo: highly processed, grains, refined sugars, industrial plant/seed oils, legumes, milk, cheese, yogurt, salt, alcohol.

Compared to the standard “diabetic diet” (what’s that?) and the Standard American Diet, switching to paleo should lower the glycemic index and glycemic load of the diet.  Theoreticlly, that should help with blood sugar control.

A well-designed low-carb paleo diet would likely have at least twice as much fiber as the typical American diet, which would also tend to limit high blood sugar excursions.

In general, I favor a carbohydrate-restricted paleo diet for those with diabetes who have already decided to “go paleo.”  I’m not endorsing any paleo diet for anyone with diabetes at this point—I’m still doing my research.  But if you’re going to do it, I’d keep it lower-carb.  It has a lot of potential.

Read more at Steve’s Blog: Paleo Diabetic, is a Stone Age Healthy for Diabetics?

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