“My Favorite Diabetes Blogs” and other flashbacks to the 8th grade…

I stumbled across this post today: “8 Incredibly Amazing Diabetes Blogs” and it made me cringe. Even though I knew I wasn’t going to be on the list I quickly linked to the post from facebook and scanned for my name. Nope, not there. I know these posts are done in good spirits, with good intentions, and I’m happy for the popular blogs that always seem to be on the ‘best of’ lists (I refuse to name them here), it still makes me feel like the loser underdog.

Why can’t I be a good loser? Why can’t I appreciate those blogs that are always on the list? Why do these lists drive me crazy?

Bon Iver won a Grammy the other night for Best New Artist and during the acceptance speech, lead singer Justin Vernon said he felt uncomfortable about the whole thing. He said he wanted to accept the award on behalf of “all the non-nominees who’ve never been here and never will be here.” And that’s kind of how I feel about these “best” lists.

There are so many great diabetes blogs and websites out there created by people whose names you’ve never heard, and these best lists that keep nominating and praising the same people over and over again are like the Grammy’s…rewarding the songs played the most on the radio.

I’m all about bringing attention to well deserved blogs and Kim at Texting my Pancreas does a good job of that. So let’s look beyond the well established blogs to find those that are emerging….let’s wander off the well trod path of diabetes advocacy and uncover a hidden treasure.

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