Smart Women with Diabetes

In the last week I’ve gotten to interview two fabulously inspiring women with diabetes for my Smart Woman’s Blog.

Heidi-Jane James(T1 Tri Girl) has been running since she was seven years old, competing nationally across New Zealand, and holding national records for track running. She has competed in the Ironman 5 times! and says  she is a proud diabetic because, “I love having diabetes.  I wouldn’t know what to do without my diabetes…It makes me unique and special.  I feel stronger knowing that I can do things that people without diabetes can do and sometimes better.”

Wow. That’s inspiration on a day when (due to a sick toddler, no sleep and a roller coaster of blood sugars) I was feeling very sorry for myself. So thanks Heidi for pulling me out of my head and reminding me of how strong and powerful we women with diabetes (and men!) truly are!

Read more about Heidi-Jane at: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Diabetes.

Sara Sklaroff, former Editorial Director of Diabetes Forecast, is inspiring in a completely different, but no less important, way. With her journalistic talents Sara is working to raise awareness and change the way people think about diabetes. Her recent article, On Our Own, Why We Who Struggle To Live With Diabetes Could Use A helping Hand, in Health Affairs details the challenges of living with diabetes and offers suggestions for systemic change.

Read More about Sara at The Smart Woman’s Guide to Diabetes.

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