My Ever-Expanding Omnipod Bill

Just got my latest bill from Omnipod and it’s up to $1500. Yikes. They have me set up on a payment plan of $50 a month so if I don’t order any more pods, it’ll take me more than 2 years to pay it off. Of course I will be ordering more pods, in fact I’ve only got one box of pods left so that means in about a month I’ll need to order more.

I shouldn’t be writing about money right before I go to bed.

How is this fair? I’ve written about the cost of living with diabetes plenty of times before, but the bills never fail to surprise and overwhelm me. Nothing changes. Sometimes I’ll get some extra money, after taxes or on my birthday, and I can pay $100 instead of my measly $50, and I’ll feel like I’m making a stab at the mountain of medical supply debt, but then it’s time to order supplies again and I’m right back where I started. 

My endocrinologist used to call MDI (multiple daily injections) the “poor man’s pump,” and I would laugh because I was using MDI and doing just fine. But I’ve been using a pump for 3 years now and I don’t want to go back. The pump makes my life easier and helps me manage my blood sugars. So why does it have to cost so much?

I’m not alone…read a few comments from others who are struggling like me: (Diabetes Health article)

“My son needs a pump but my insurance company will not cover it. Where can I find help to get a pump? I can’t spend 5 to 6 thousand dollars out of pocket for a pump.”

“My husband is a pump candidate and wanted to use the Omnipod, but Medicare said it would not cover it. When I read the Medicare regulation there was nothing said about a specific brand only that it would cover pumps. I’ve been on hold to Medicare several times but haven’t gotten through to get an answer. Any help here?”

“Who can use an insulin pump, which is unaffordable though it is a boon to diabetes? We should think of something which dosen’t eat our pockets. Please bring something in the market which is affordable. I am a diabetic, take injections, and I want to get rid of these tensions.”

How can any of us put a price tag on the quality of our life? We shouldn’t have to.

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