Running with the Omnipod

Most of the time when I am running, I feel strong, healthy and powerful. I am fast as I run through the slowly waking neighborhoods surrounding our house. The streets are dark and sometimes, the newspaper delivery guy in his small red car speeds past, tossing papers in their blue plastic onto the wet from dew driveways. I am strong and gaining speed, I don’t feel like someone with a chronic illness. Most of the time anyway.

Some mornings if I am slow, I worry about my blood sugar…am I high? am I low? I carry my glucose tabs in my hand, switching from left to right as I go. I wear my pod on my lower back or my arm and in the winter it doesn’t matter because no one can see the pod beneath my running clothes. A recent question posted on tudiabetes about running with an omnipod peaked my curiosity. A member wrote:

Hey everyone! I have my appt. next week with my Pump Educator to get me going on the OmniPod! I was wondering about you people that are runners, can you share any tips? In my mind I am thinking I will like having the pod in my triceps area, but maybe you can share with me what sites you have found that work well while out running.

I immediately wrote about about how I wear my pod on my arm or my lower back and how it’s never a problem and I think I jinxed myself.

Last night I changed my pod and placed it on the back of my right arm. This morning I went out for my run and halfway through I felt a stabbing pain. I ignored it for a few minutes and eventually had to stop. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and had to pull the neck down so I could look at my arm and I have to say, I expected the worst. I thought for sure I’d see blood. But there was nothing. So I kept running and tried to ignore the pain but I cursed the pod all the way home.

The pain went away when I stooped running, but I know it’ll pinch again tomorrow morning. It hurts a little when I move my arm around so i’m guessing that I just got unlucky…I hit a bad spot when I attached the Omnipod. What I don’t want to do is remove it and waste a $30 pod. (Plus the 50+ units of remaining insulin).

What bothers me the most is not the money, but a run that hurts. A run that is hindered because of my insulin pump. A run where I don’t get to feel strong, healthy and powerful.

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