Pregnancy and Diabetes

Before I could become pregnant with my first son my endo said I had to get my A1c below 7. I remember feeling defensive (how dare he!?). It was the first time someone told me I couldn’t do something because I had diabetes. I was ready to have a baby now! Why did I have to wait?

Of course he knew more than me, and it actually took us a year to get pregnant with the help of chlomid. I’m glad I listened because I got myself in the best diabetic shape possible for my baby-to-be, and the pattern of eating right, exercise and (constant!) blood sugar testing has stayed with me.

Pregnancy is such an important time for women with diabetes and the more we understand about how to take care of ourselves, the better off we, and our future children,  will be.

Here is a great article from Psychology in Diabetes Care on diabetes and pregnancy:

Psychology in Diabetes Care, 2nd Ed, Part 13.

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