Traveling to California and Finding my Way…

I flew to San Francisco this week to meet with Amy Tenderich of Diabetes Mine to discuss a job opportunity. My aunt lives in Mill Valley, and offered to pay for my trip. I flew out, leaving my 3 boys and husband behind, thinking that this would be the perfect job. I’d written a few pieces for Amy and whose feedback ranged from: not enough personality to, too much personality, and after much deliberation, I realized that our styles did not match.

Here are the posts I wrote for DM:

Little Helpers for Managing Your Medical Bills

C-Sections vs. Natural Births in Diabetic Moms

Diapep277 Re:educating the Immune System (I “ghost wrote” this one)

Realizing this job was ‘not right for me’ was hard because I wanted the security of a full time job. I wanted to write for a great site with a huge readership like Diabetes Mine, but I also don’t want to change my writing style.

So if it takes flying across the country to realize the kind of writing I want to do, so be it. The trip was not a waste for many reasons, most of all because San Francisco is a very cool city! Also because it helped me realize that the kind of writing that I want to do here, on my own site, is personal and insightful. As I look back through my posts I realize that the stories I want to share are about real people living with diabetes, especially those stories that will help readers feel less alone. I want to give my readers stories about the emotional side of living with diabetes like managing the cost of diabetes and our fears of complications. I will continue sharing my stories of my attempt to  live well with diabetes physically and emotionally.

We are in this together, redefining diabetes.

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