Body Image from a man’s point of view…

This is a great essay about body image by Eric Lagergren of Diabetes Self-Management:

Show Me Your Sites :: Diabetes Self-Management.

He writes,

This is all a roundabout way of saying that I’ve gotten over most of my insecurities about body issues as time passes. I attribute this to age, of course. When I made my triumphant and committed return to the gym about a year and a half ago, I pushed through the anxiousness of undressing and showering in a locker room for the first time since my undergraduate days. That’s a long time away from being used to standing naked in front of a bunch of men. Perhaps it’s something you don’t give a second thought to, but being back in the world of the locker room initially made me hesitant, self-conscious. I was 14 again and just waiting for someone to say something that would ruin my life.

I know, right? Do we ever really grow up?

I have to admit that I love reading about a guy having body image issues. His honest description of feeling self-conscious about his body at the doctor’s office spoke to me. It reminded me that we all struggle to love and accept ourselves, pump and injection site scars and all, and that it is the sharing of stories that can give us a more accurate depiction of beauty.

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