Omnipod Delivery Rocks

I used my last pod last night. I was at a Christmas party when the tell tale beeping began and I hurried over to my handbag, dug out the PDM and read the words: your pod will expire……I had no more pods at home which meant that I had to dig out my box of syringes and stick myself in the behind before I went to bed. It had been awhile since I gave myself an injection, since August I think, and I hesitated for a moment, holding the syringe above my skin. I couldn’t quite remember how much lantus I should give to get me through the next 24 hours and so I guessed. Big mistake. I woke up this am at 288. ugh. There is nothing I hate more then waking up high. Waking up high means my am run is going to suck and it also means its going to take a big dose of humulog to get  myself back down and it also means I have to wait to eat my breakfast. And I wake up hungry.

It was all my fault of course, isn’t every diabetes mistake? Most of the time there is no one else to blame unless I can blame my body for attacking my cells oh so long ago. We know that doesn’t do any good. But running out of pods really was my fault. CALL OMNIPOD was on my to-do list for 3 days before I actually got around to picking up the phone. It’s the holidays and I’ve got 3 kids and a job and I’m busy! I also took myself off Omnipod’s automatic re-fill system because I was trying to save money and only order exactly what I needed. Anyway, I made the call knowing that the clock was ticking and that I would have to go back to shots for a few days until the shipment arrived. I am used to reordering my test strips through Caremark which is always a disaster of an experience and takes forever for the shipment to arrive. (3 days in “processing”!?!) I was prepared to give myself MDI at least until Friday.

And then low and behold, as I sat here moments ago typing away, the FedEx truck stopped in front of my house and the driver handed me my box of pods! Wow, that is impressive. I didn’t even request a special delivery (so actually, I should check to see if I was charged for a next day air because I didn’t ask for one), and here they are. Hook me back up because I am still in the 200’s and need to come down…..thank you Omnipod for this special, extra fast delivery! Maybe I will learn…..

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