How do I manage a good diet during the holidays?

Great tips from Diabetes Sisters on eating right during the holidays:

How do I manage a good diet during the holidays?.

  • Try to stay physically active throughout the holidays.  You’ll feel better and have more energy.  And it will balance off some of those extra treats, whether your chief concern is blood sugar control, weight management, or both.
  • Keep your appetite under control.  Skipping breakfast in preparation for the office potluck leaves you so hungry that you could overdo it.  Instead, eat regular meals that include carb, protein and a little fat.  It spreads food throughout the day and keeps your appetite and blood sugars controlled.
  • Balance holiday treats with lower fat, lower carb foods instead of filling up on only “goodies.”  Turkey with the stuffing, raw veggies with the real mashed potatoes, green salad with the fruit ambrosia.  This works on your own plate and when planning a holiday menu.  Every dish does not have to be a major production.
  • Learn the carb values of the holiday foods you love.  Make a plan to fit them in, so you do not feel deprived on the holidays.  Remember it’s a give and take when it comes to the meal plan.
  • Think about your choices.  When offered a high fat or high carb holiday treat, consider whether you really want it.  Are you hungry?  Is it something you love?  Or would you just be eating it because it’s there?  If you save those choices for the things you really love, it will help keep things merry and moderate.
  • If your chief concern is weight or you must limit the amount of carb eaten at a meal to keep your blood sugars under control, use the “plate method.”  Set aside half the plate for salad and vegetables.  Use about a quarter for protein foods and the rest for carbs.
  • At a buffet, preview the whole thing before making any choices.  This helps you fit in the things you want most instead of already having a plateful when you see something you really want.
  • Drink lots of water.  It’s filling and good for you.


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