Working on Chapter 2 of The Smart Woman’s Guide to Eating Right With Diabetes….

This chapter will focus on the standard American Diabetes Association Diet, the one many of us were told to follow when we were first diagnosed. I’m posting the questions here in case any of my dedicated readers want to share your stories…..

1. What do you remember about the meal plan you were told to follow when you were first diagnosed? (include what year you were diagnosed since a lot has changed in the last decade re: what to eat). What were you told you could or couldn’t eat? Include info on snacks etc.
2. Did you meet with a nutritionist when you were first diagnosed? If not, have you ever met with one or with a dietician? Please describe their recommendations and whether you followed those recs or listened to the advice with a grain of salt….
3. Do you count carbs? Were you taught how to count carbs by a CDE or a nutritionist? If you do count carbs, what is your favorite tool to use and can you offer any advice on the best way to count carbs?
4. Do you follow the ADA’s Create Your Plate ( recommendation of 45-60 carbs per meal? Can you describe a typical breakfast, lunch or dinner?
5. There are a lot of different approaches to eating right for people with diabetes and in my opinion, food is more then just something to fill your stomach. People are very passionate when it comes to eating right with diabetes, whether its low carb or raw foods or whatever is in the pantry…..For those of you who follow the standard ada meal plan, can you tell me why this has worked for you?
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