Artificial Pancreas, is there really such thing?

According to CNN’s story:

Artificial pancreas could be ‘holy grail’ for Type 1 diabetics

I have such mixed feelings about this because when I read the story I can’t help getting excited, but I also feel like it may be too far off for me to benefit in my lifetime. I like that the research is focused on making our lives easier in the here and now as opposed to waiting for a real “cure” but I wonder what this artificial pancreas would look like…how much equipment would we be wearing? I want to see more photos.

This statistic caught my eye:

According to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, about 80 people a day are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Approximately 3 million Americans are living with the disease. Most of them only have healthy blood sugars 30% of the day. The foundation says it has spent $1.5 billion on diabetes research, $40 million of that on research on artificial pancreas systems.

Healthy blood sugars 30% of the day…..that means 70% of the day most people with type 1 have ‘unhealthy’ blood sugars. wow.

Here’s more:
“Our goal is to drive the development of artificial pancreas systems,” Kowalski said. “This could not only improve tremendously glucose control, and help reduce the risk of these terrible diabetes complications, it could also help people with diabetes live easier. The bottom line is diabetes is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, 365 day a year job and if we can make some of that easier that would be a huge step forward.”

Well said.

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