Alternating Omnipod sites?

Why have my insulin requirements (basal rate) slowly increased since I started wearing the omnipod?

I’ve been wearing the pods on and off for 3 years and the only place I like to wear them is on my lower back. Over the last few weeks my insulin requirements have been slowly going up, and the only answer that seems to make sense is that it’s because I’m using the same spot. I do flip from the left to right side and move it around as much as I can within that area, but I simply don’t know what’s necessary…

It seems like I went through a honeymoon period with the omnipod when I started wearing it (after having been off for several months) with great bs control, and now I’ve hit a wall. Is it because I’m using the same area and if so, that really sucks because I do not like to wear it on my arm (it rips off too easily) or my stomach (it is completely noticeable) or my leg (again, noticeable.) I gave up on the whole cost issue because the pump seemed worth the money, but now that my blood sugars are running higher, I’m starting to reconsider. Why is there never an easy answer???

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