Women more receptive to diabetes education, Rite Aid survey finds | Drug Store News

Women, more often than men, reported that diabetes had a greater negative impact on their emotional outlook as well as their compliance with diet and exercise recommendations, according to a study released Thursday by Rite Aid and WebMD. The survey also found that women were more open than men to receiving tools to help them manage their diabetes.

Half the women diagnosed with type 2 reported feeling overwhelmed compared to 35% of men, which is no surprise to me as I know we women suffer from the superwomen complex and feel we have to take on cooking, cleaning, childcare and work…..add chronic illness on top and it makes for an avalanche in waiting. The good news is that women reported they wanted help and Rite Aid seems to be listening.

The survey also revealed that women living with diabetes, particularly those ages 45 to 64 years, are enthusiastic about receiving tools that can help them better manage diabetes. The tools to which they reported greatest receptivity are diabetic-friendly recipes and tips for eating right; email newsletters; savings on diabetes-related products; and videos and articles about diet, exercise and symptoms.

(Launched in September, Wellness+ for diabetes features exclusive 24/7 online access to a special Rite Aid-sponsored section of WebMD’s “Diabetes head2toe” online lifestyle management tools. )

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Women more receptive to diabetes education, Rite Aid survey finds | Drug Store News.

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