1 in 20 diabetics will die from hypoglycemia (according to JDRF)

Scare tactics from JDRF have the blog-o-sphere community all fired up. Amy Tenderich takes a balanced view on DiabetesMine. She says,

“JDRF stands behind the statistic, citing multiple studies, while some observers balk that “this ‘fact’ appears to be based almost entirely on one author’s (Dr. Cryer’s) interpretation of a variety of studies done by others.”

Here’s what I think:

I too have mixed feelings about the ad and mostly, what it reminds me of are the scary, negative stereotypes that used to get center stage when I was first diagnosed in 1985. We have worked too hard to dispel the myths of diabetes such as: the 7th leading cause of death, blindness, amputations etc…negative myths and images of diabetes that used to keep me awake in the middle of the night, terrified that I would never be able to have children, never grow old, and that if I did grow old, I would be very sick. I am so glad that we have worked to change stereotypes of diabetes in these last 25 years, and that we have positive role models who are changing the face of diabetes, because I am no longer afraid of growing old. And this JDRF ad feels like a giant step backward.

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