Type 2 Diabetes can appear in young and thin women too…

According to an article in Women’s Health:

Type 2 Diabetes in Women: Young, Slim, And Diabetic

The CDC estimates that one in nine adults has diabetes and, if current trends continue, one in three will be diabetic by the year 2050. For decades, typical type 2 patients were close to what Stephanie pictured: heavy and inactive. They were also older, often receiving a diagnosis in middle age or beyond. But while such type 2 cases continue to skyrocket, there has been a disturbing increase in a much younger set.

I always wondered about those women I would see in college who looked like I dreamed of looking with their skinny legs and flat waist, but ate pizza and beer like the guys. Those women always made me wonder if I would run every day if I (I didn’t have diabetes) and if I could look like that without trying. Turns out those women with their seemingly super high metabolisms could be at risk for type 2 diabetes. Turns out exercise matters whether you’re skinny or not.

Molecular imaging expert Jimmy Bell, M.D., studies a condition he calls TOFI—thin outside, fat inside. Nearly undetectable from a person’s appearance, TOFI happens when fat that would normally build up under your skin (hello, thunder thighs!) gloms onto your abdominal organs instead. This visceral fat is way worse than any muffin-top chub—it can cause inflammatory substances to affect your liver and pancreas, and lower your insulin sensitivity, putting you at risk for type 2. “With TOFI, you might look slim,” says Bell, “but your insides are behaving as if you are obese.”

Stress, genes and yo-yo dieting are additional risk factors. The best way to decrease your risk is to eat a healthy diet and exercise consistently. And it’s kind of nice to be reminded that a healthy body comes in all shapes and sizes!

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