Blood Sugar Testing without the Blood?

Can you imagine testing your blood sugar without pricking your finger? A recent innovation (pending approval by the FDA) says we will be able to breathe into a meter to test our blood sugar levels. Can you imagine? My fingers are so hardened from 26 years of testing that I can’t feel the soft skin on my kids faces… Could this really be a possibility, or is that going to be one of those developments that gets approved by the FDA but isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?

Check it out for yourselves:

The powerful and easy to use iglucose technology is designed to work with existing popular glucose meters already in the market and will be integrated to work in concert with a major breakthrough product in development and getting closer to coming to market from PositiveID – the company’s non-invasive (no pricks or blood required) breath-based glucose tester (glucometer) called Easy Check™. This revolutionary product will simply allow the user to blow into the device to get glucose readings. These readings could, of course, be transmitted with the iglucose system for the desired persons to read and monitor. The breath-based glucose meter is ready for pre-trial testing and is rapidly heading towards US Food and Drug Administration submission and entry into the marketplace.

Read more: San Francisco Gate

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