Going, going, gone…..(My Omnipods)









I’ve got 2 pods left and then they are gone. I haven’t reordered another box yet because the mortgage, comcast and verizon bills are due and as a freelancer, I’m waiting on checks, as usual. I think I’ve been in a bit of denial too, ignoring the fact that I would soon run out of my box of 10 pods, and that as a result, need to go back on syringes. My other choice is to pull out the credit card and charge what we don’t have the actual money to pay for.

I am not a victim about this whole thing and  am not feeling sorry for myself. I am simply stating the ugly truth. Diabetes is an expensive disease. In my 26 years of living with diabetes, (my parents and) I have spent over $30,000 on medical supplies, doctor visits and hospital bills. And that’s WITH insurance. How is that fair? (I know, life isn’t fair, but still.) I have three kids and in order for me to be in the best health, I need the best and unfortunately most expensive tools. Something needs to change.

Dear Omnipod, it’s time to lower your costs. Period.

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