A Smaller Omnipod (coming soon to a theater near you!)

A news update from diaTribe’s recent trip to Portugal for the 47th Annual Meeting of EASD:

Insulet recently announced that its second-generation OmniPod had received approval in Europe. Compared to the first-generation OmniPod, the new pod is approximately 40% smaller and 25% lighter – wow! Insulet will launch this second-gen pod in select European countries later this year, and Insulet remains hopeful for a US approval by the end of 2011. At EASD, we had the opportunity to see the new OmniPod for the first time. Overall, we were extremely impressed with how much smaller and thinner it was, while still holding just as much insulin – 200 units. Although we haven’t yet tested the new product, based on its size and weight alone, we believe it could expand Insulet’s market share and maybe even bring new pumpers into the fold. Anything that makes technology less intrusive – or, in this case, less bulky – has that potential. Insulet and Dexcom are also continuing to work on an integrated pump/CGM product that will use the second-generation OmniPod and Dexcom’s fourth-generation sensor. The companies are aiming to submit the product to the FDA in the first half of 2012, placing a possible approval date in late 2012. While we are disappointed this was delayed (see our NewNowNext in diaTribe issue #29), we are happy that the integrated product will have both the most updated sensor as well as newest pod. –AB/KC

This is sooo tempting and reminds me of growing up in “cow-town” Vermont where we were the LAST to get everything (movies, clothes, food, music). As an adolescent, being behind on the latest trend used to kill me. Why couldn’t I buy OP shorts like the ones they wore in California? Why couldn’t I watch MTV? (our TV antennea only got PBS and NBC.) And why didn’t our grocery stores carry Cherry Coke when the rest of the country was drinking it?

That’s how I feel now about diabetes innovations. Only this time I’m wondering why the Europeans are the first ones to get a smaller Omnipod. Why do I have to wear this bulky, egg shaped piece of durable medical equipment on my body when there is something smaller, lighter and equally efficient out there? I’m tired of playing catch up…..

Let’s be leaders instead of followers.

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