The “perfect” and (elusive) 100

A website dedicated to the “perfect” 100, here’s what they say:

6-10 finger-pricks per day…test strip after test strip…the occasional E3 error message from that the little thankless, blood sucking vampire glucometer that follows you EVERYWHERE…

Too often diabetes can feel like it’s all guts and and no glory. BUT THEN! For sometimes no real, medical explanation…3…2…1…100mg/dL. 

We’ve all been there – waiting in line at the grocery store, sitting in a meeting at work, or in a classroom, on a bus, on a train, at a red light in the car on the way to wherever… and then BAM! 100mg/dL! 

You let out your victory cry “YESSSS!!!”, “Who’s yo diabetic daddy?”, you do a little dance, you let out a roar and chest bump the next person that walks by, you let out a cute squeal of delight, you run outside and power-slide on your knees and tear off your shirt and wave it over your head, screaming your victory cry for all to hear… or maybe you just sit and smile quietly to yourself at your moment of perfection. 

No one around would really understand if you started running up and down the isles of the grocery store for high-fives and fist bumps. No one could truly celebrate with you – your one moment of pure diabetic satisfaction. 100mg/dL…perfect, beautiful…and in an instant? Gone… immortalizes your perfect moments and puts them on display for the world to see and celebrate with you. is a Hall of Fame for people with diabetes. The gratifying sight of a 100mg/dL…Post it. Flaunt it. Share it. 

Rejoice with everyone who posts their simple moments of victory … because when you’re not alone in your fight, then you’re not alone in your absolute delight of that one, simple, number that makes you feel like there’s nothing you and your diabetes can’t do. 

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