One thought on “Literary Mama : Blog : Book Giveaway: A Smart Woman’s Guide to Diabetes

  1. Hi Amy, My daughter Colleen dxd with Type 1 diabetes in 1999 @ the tender age of 3yrs old. I founded MarlboroughsSweetestKids than and every year we have a huge display case in the lobby of our Public Library. We get to speak to our community about life with D for an entire month. This year our display case is from Oct 1 2011 thru Oct 31 2011. We would love to bring your book to our community. Each year there is an expectation and excitement about our display and we bring about much awareness. We include new technology, pharmacology, books, videos, celebrities, camps, trends, and tips about life and diabetes. This would be so great for many of our families and many of our friends of MarlboroughsSweetestKids.
    So please, please consider us. Sincerely Sandra McCarthy mom to Colleen.
    Diabetes Advocates working every waking moment to make the world a more diabetes-user-friendly place, and we have miles to go before we sleep.

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