Diabetes and Mammograms – Diabetes Health

Diabetes and Mammograms – Diabetes Health.

I wrote this article for Diabetes Health after reading a study that said wwd don’t get screened for breast cancer as often as we should. When I read the study I realized not only had I never been screened (I’m 40 years old), but I also haven’t been to my OBGYN since Reid was born 2 years ago. Oops! I haven’t been to the endo, the dermatologist, or the dentist. I don’t have a general practitioner, and the only reason I’ve been to the optomitrist is because I needed new contacts. What is going on here?

I used to say it was because after so many doctor appointments during my pregnancy that I needed a break, but Reid is two years old today, so that excuse no longer holds up.

After reading this study, I realized that I may be able to blame diabetes for my laissez faire attitude toward doctor appointments. (I’m partly kidding). I no longer blame everything on diabetes because I’ve realized that it doesn’t get me anywhere except feeling sorry for myself, however, this study has shown that many wwd do not get screened for breast cancer because they/we feel overwhelmed by doctors and medicine and life with illness. So, what do we do? How do we help wwd feel less stressed out about going to the doctor? Suggestions welcome!

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