Target Test Strips

The cost of diabetes is one of my biggest soapbox topics, and when I come across a good deal for diabetes products, I’m surprised and excited. A box of 50 Target brand blood glucose strips is $19.99! (up&up test strips) Compared to 50 One Touch strips at $34.99. Every time I run out of my (covered by insurance) supply of One Touch strips, I run to Target with my fingers crossed hoping they still carry them, because I keep thinking I must be missing something….when do we ever get good deals when it comes to the cost of diabetes? Surely, there must be something wrong with them. But when I measure the results of the up&up against my one touch, they are right on target. (no pun intended) Maybe there really is such thing as a good deal 🙂

2 thoughts on “Target Test Strips

  1. Wow, that is a great deal! I’m from MN, living in Argentina and test strips for me are 50 for $47.25 USD. Maybe I’ll have to stock up on the Target brand next time I’m visiting. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I’ve been buying the 100-pack for less than $37. But I went to buy more yesterday, and they were $55! I also noticed that the meter is now around $30 (instead of $9 like it used to be). That’s a pretty significant price jump.

    I’ll just switch over to the Walmart brand, which are still around $36 for a hundred. Even if I have to buy a new meter at $9, that’s still better than paying Target’s new price.

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