Glucose tabs and running

Getting out of the house in the morning to run is never easy. Mornings tend to be crazy with 3 kids under 10 years old because there is breakfast to be made, dishes to be put away, the newspaper to be read, diapers to be changed, teeth to be brushed and this is during the summer–school days are even worse.

This morning my husband was not leaving for work until 9am, so I didn’t have to rush quite as much. I got myself dressed in my running gear, testing my blood sugar (116), grabbed my glucose tabs, ate a piece of granola and said goodbye to the boys. By the time I was a half-mile from the house, I realized my hands were empty. I’d accidentally left the glucose tabs in the house. I panicked. 116 was not a good number to start a run, but I didn’t want to turn around and go back to the house. My hands felt naked. I kept running and hoped for the best.

Passing the library and turning toward the elementary school I maintained a steady pace. I breathed deeply, trying to judge the stability of my feet hitting the pavement. Was I feeling weak? Was my sugar dropping? I realized as I turned down Rebellion Road that what the glucose tabs gave me was confidence. Confidence to run strong and sure, confidence that if my sugar dropped, all I had to do was pop 3 tabs and keep going.

I’ve been running since I was fourteen years old. I started running shortly after I was diagnosed with diabetes because when I ran, I could eat the kinds of things my friends were eating: Smart Food, Cherry Cokes, and Sugar Babies. It was not the healthiest form of motivation, but it got me out the door and has kept me running for 25 years. The older I got, the more I cared about my figure and I stopped indulging in Cherry Cokes after my runs. I wanted to run without needing to consume extra calories when I was done and hated how sometimes when I was running, I had to stop and eat starbursts halfway through. The candy always melted in my hands and I felt stupid standing on the side of the trail eating. That all changed with glucose tabs.

Glucose tabs fit neatly into the palm of my hand without melting. They dissolve in seconds, sending sugar through my body so I don’t even have to break stride. Glucose tabs give me the confidence to run without fear.

I made it home this morning without getting low, but (if I can help it) it won’t happen again.

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