Women and Diabetes, special issue


The International Federation has published a special issue of Diabetes Voice called Women and Diabetes that focuses on women’s issues from adolescence to post menopause. There is an article about sex and diabetes written by Dr. Lois Jovanovic and a handful of other interesting topics. A piece of research I wasn’t aware of is that studies show wwd get fewer mamograms–doctors speculate that it could be a result of feeling too overwhelmed with the demands of diabetes, and not focusing on other medical issues. Sounds pretty accurate to me.

2 thoughts on “Women and Diabetes, special issue

  1. dear amy, i am so excited to have stumbled upon your work!!! my sister and best friend has type 1 and we’ve been in search of creative and critical writing by women with diabetes ABOUT being women with diabetes. there is so little out there that is not strictly a medical, pathological perspective with so much emphasis on a cure. thanks for writing, i look forward to receiving your book in the mail that i just ordered! sincerely, brooke

    • Brooke, thank you so much! Women like you and your sister are exactly the reasons I wrote this book. I am so glad you found me and look forward to hearing what you think!

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