Smart Woman with Diabetes interview

My first interview promoting my book, A Smart Woman’s Guide to Diabetes, was a big success! Heather and Jeff of Transforming Diabetes talked with me about the process of writing the book as well as some personal stories of my life with diabetes. I first “met” Heather through tudiabetes and when she told me about the business she was creating, I knew I wanted to get involved. The mission of TD is below:

Transforming Diabetes invites listeners who have diabetes, love someone with diabetes, or simply care about the issues around this epidemic to join in our community of inspiration.

We are creating connections around living well in spite of – or even because of – diabetes.

We hope to turn the “S-Word” of scare in diabetes into great self-care, self-responsibility, and personal empowerment.

Let’s turn the table on those scary statistics, and take the diagnosis from challenge to opportunity!

They were great interviewers, and even though I was suddenly gripped with something caught in my throat, the interview was fun and I could have kept chatting.

Listen to our conversation at Transforming Diabetes

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