“Recession Weighs Heavily on People with Diabetes”

(From Diabetes Health) The economic recession has hammered people with diabetes, according to a new survey. Many say that their health has been harmed by the crisis, and more expect their health to suffer in the future. What’s more, most don’t expect the government‘s health reform bill to improve their situation.

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health and Knowledge Networks conducted the study, which asked more than 1,500 people about their health. People with diabetes weren’t the only group included; those with heart disease and cancer were also surveyed.

The results paint a bleak picture of life today for people with diabetes:

— Nearly two in five (39 percent) say that tough times have made their health worse.

— Nearly one in two (48 percent) say that they expect problems in the future.

— About a third (34 percent) say that costs related to their disease have drained their savings accounts.

For some, the financial picture is even grimmer. More than a quarter (26 percent) have taken on credit card debt to pay for treatment. Nine percent have had to declare bankruptcy because of medical costs.

I have to say all this is depressing research is spot on. I for one have stopped using the pumo (omnipod) because of the cost and have gone back to MDI. I also have been forced to cut down on the number of times I test each day because our insurance recently decided to decrease the amount of boxes they will cover. It’s flat out depressing and frustrating and I wish I could see a silver lining on the horizon but I just don’t. This disease is very expensive, even more so if you want to try and maintain good management.



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