Testing too much?

My insurance company (Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina) has decided to cut back on the amount of test strips I can order. Instead of 900 boxes for a 90 day supply, they will now only allow me 600. (300 fewer strips.) So, instead of testing my blood sugar 10 times a day, I will only be given enough to test  6 times per day.

When I first heard the news, I tried to remain calm. I knew the drill. I called my doctor and asked her to write me a letter stating that I needed an exception due to a “medical necessity.” She wrote the insurance and stated that I was in good control, exercised regularly and had a consistent a1c of 6.0 (thanks to my frequent testing). My insurance refused to budge. They said that because I am in good control, I don’t need to test my blood sugar 10 times a day. This is where I let out a big sigh. Really?

I understand that it’s all about money. I understand that test strips are expensive and Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina doesn’t want to pay for so many strips. But it makes me want to scream. I’ve done what the doctors have told me to do, I take care of myself, I eat right, I exercise, I test my blood sugar and go to the doctors and take my insulin without too much complaint and because I am in such good “control” or health, they want to give me less, not more. Where is the logic in that?

Then I start to wonder if I should try and experiment….what if I stopped testing so much, what would happen? What if instead of testing when I got in the car with my 3 young sons, I didn’t? What if I just got behind the wheel and hoped for the best? What if I didn’t test before I went to bed? What if I just crawled under the sheets and hoped to wake up in the morning? What if I couldn’t test before it was time to breastfeed the baby? If my blood sugar was too high and I didn’t know, would I just hope for the best? Or would I blame someone, someone like a a giant coorporation who was trying to save a few dollars? How can I not feel angry and bitter and frustrated? How can I feel like I am not alone in trying to manage my care? And why does it always have to be a fight to get what I need from the insurance companies?

All I want is the tools to manage this chronic illness.

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