Behavioral Diabetes Institute

After 25 years of living with type 1 diabetes and often feeling very alone, I finally got the opportunity to be in a room full of women with the disease. Thanks to BDI’s annual Celebration of Strength luncheon, I got to sit at a table next to Brandy Barnes of Diabetes Sisters and 6 other great women and talk about the realities of pregnancy and motherhood with diabetes. There were women who had lived with diabetes from 1.5 years to 50 years, there were women who wanted to focus on issues from exercise to complications….it could have been a room full of women writers or golfers or bankers, other than the one or two women wearing pumps in visible places, and the sprinkling of beeps going off around the room from pumps at lunchtime, we could have been anyone.

It’s going to take me a few more days at least to process the whole thing but it was really a weekend like no other. Mom flew out with me to help with Reid and while we got to stay in the beautiful Torrey Pines Lodge, it was a huge effort going from coast to coast with a 13 month old. And as exhausted as I am right now, it was completely worthwhile. Dr. Susan Guzman and Dr. Liana Abascal met me the following day to be interviewed for my book on the topics of depression and eating disorders and gave me some great information.

Most importantly, I think what will stick with me, was seeing and listening to and talking with the women who are the audience for my book….knowing that as different as we all are, we share this disease.

Plans are in the works for next year’s conference (October 9th I think) that will be a sleepover event with Diabetes Sisters. Count me in!

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