medical necessity?

When it comes to re-ordering my medical supplies (insulin, test strips, pods etc.) I am a ‘leave it to the last minute’ kind of girl…I often drive myself crazy, but I’m learning to just accept this deadline driven personality trait. Today however, I planned ahead. With two boxes of 100 test strips remaining in my box, I called the mail order company for a refill. Normally, I punch numbers into my phone and communicate my order via the automated system, I never even have to open my mouth, but this time, I was holding Reid who was crying and the automated system (after several failed attempts to make sense of Reid’s babbles) transferred me to a customer service agent. The agent paused after I gave my rx number and put me on hold, and I knew I was in trouble. Back on the line, she told me that my insurance company had changed the quantity allowed for test strips. Instead of my normal 13 boxes for a 3 month supply, I could now only order 6. Less than half!

As I sit here and write, hours later, I’m still stunned. Is this all so my insurance company can save money? How can giving me fewer test strips equal better care? Aren’t I the one paying good money every month for this coverage? And to cut me from 13 boxes to 6?

It’s just so typical and depressing and frustrating… and why do I have to be the one to do all the work: contact my doctor, make the calls etc.etc. to get what I need? Why does it always have to be a fight with insurance? Why do I have to prove that it’s a medically necessity for me to get the supplies I need? And that’s assuming making the effort to right a wrong will work. What if I am rejected? What if I have to learn to live with fewer test strips? or, will that mean that I’ll have to pay for boxes of the very expensive strips on my own. When I have health insurance. Where is the logic?

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