A Philosophy of Diabetes…

This week I had a great interview with Dr. Ann Albright, a type 1 diabetic for more than 40 years and the Director of the Division of Diabetes Translation at the Centers for Disease Control. I was asking her about diabetes and women’s sexuality, and she told me about the importance of having a “Philosophy of Diabetes.” She said no matter what age you are when you are diagnosed, developing a philosophy about how to live with diabetes will serve you well. She said her own philosophy came from her mother who encouraged her to live her life to its fullest, and not be defined by diabetes. A healthy philosophy and how confident you are about diabetes will impact your relationship with your boyfriend, partner, spouse etc.

I like the idea of a “Philosophy” and to me it seems like something that will evolve and grow over time. Dr. Albright agreed and said she sees diabetes as walking on a tightrope and that her tightrope has gotten wider over time. As a visual learner, that image helps me….I’d like to think that my tightrope is pretty wide right now, or maybe even that as I’ve learned to ask for help and have begun to reach out to others, I’ve now got this giant trampoline under my tightrope that will support me every time I fall. Because I still fall. That’s the nature of this circus……

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