Behavioral Diabetes Institute, “Celebration of Strength”

I’ve been invited to attend the Behavioral Diabetes Institute’s 3rd annual Celebration of Strength luncheon. (In San Diego!) (in 2 weeks!) I have a million thoughts going through my head like, is this crazy? And I can’t afford to fly to CA, and what about the kids? And then the other part of my brain, my favorite part, is saying, Go! Just go! There will be a room full of women with type 1 and the focus of the day will be on living with type 1 and sharing stories and I know this would be such a great opportunity for me as a woman with type 1 and as a writer! It’s so hard for me to put myself out there and say this is something I really want to do, especially when it means asking others for help (like my mom who would fly out with me to take care of Reid while I’m at the lunch, and my husband who I’ll leave with the other boys), but I am also learning to have and use my voice and I need to take a deep breath and say yes. Yes I want this. Yes, this is important to me.

And, it happens to fall almost on the anniversary of my 25th year with diabetes.

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