Diabetes Cookbooks

The latest addition to my growing collection of diabetes related cookbooks is titled: 15 Minute Diabetic Meals by Nancy S. Hughes. While I used to steer clear of anything, especially cookbooks, that were diabetes relates, as I’ve grown older (40 in January!), I am finally beginning to accept all of me-the good and the “bad.”  Part of that self-acceptance has included letting my diabetes out of hiding and cooking “diabetic meals.” Thankfully “diabetic meals” and cookbooks have become much better (in my opinion) with the popularity of farmer’s market offerings and eating organic and the cookbooks I’ve got on my shelf have some really great recipes. No longer do we see bland foods or sugar-free offerings, now we’ve got a great variety of vegetables, meats, fruits and whole grain selections.

In her 15 minute book, Hughes gives us a variety of recipes including breakfast, lunch, appetizers, entrees, salads and desserts. And she includes a list of calories, carbs, and protein etc. which makes life a lot easier…..one of my favorites is her chicken tenders with black beans and spicy tomatoes. I put it over brown rice and it was easy to make (did it while the boys completed their homework and Reid played with the mixing bowls), delicious and great as lunch the next day. A huge fan of edamame, there is a recipe for edamame and pasta salad with feta that was great as well. The recipes are simple, using only a handful of ingredients, fast, and interesting so it doesn’t feel the “diet cookbooks” from years past….

The best part of these cookbooks for me is the listing of carbs. I have never been god at counting carbs and most of the time I make my best guess, so cooking from a diabetes related cookbook takes that guesswork out- making my life easier 🙂

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