Getting to work…

I’ve made the trip to Staples, purchased my file box organizer, surrounded myself with books about diabetes and am sitting down to work, both feet on the floor, facing forward.

Top 10 To do:

  1. Contact all the women I spoke to 2 and 3 years ago about this project to see if they are still interested.
  2. Research! Diabetes and women and exercise, eating, dating, sex, working, motherhood, aging….
  3. Snazzy title! So far this is what I’ve got: Women with Diabetes, Authentic Advice on Everything from Eating to Dating and Motherhood.
  4. Decide if I need an agent at this point to negotiate my contract, will it be worth the 10-15%?
  5. More research!
  6. Decide if my step-father lawyer can figure out the contract or if I need to pay a lawyer who knows book publishing. Thoughts?
  7. Back to research.
  8. Decide about organizing my time. Can I work from home or do I get a regular babysitter to come to the house so I can go to work at the coffee shop? Or, better yet, can I justify spending $$ and renting temporary office space where I can spread all my stuff out while the babysitter is at home with the boys? But what if I’m inspired and want my stuff in the middle of the night? Can I do all my writing at home?  Should I send my babysitter and my children out of the house for hours at a time so I can work?  Where would they go? hmmmm…
  9. Begin interviewing women with diabetes!
  10. Decide about contacting famous women with diabetes such as: Mary Tyler Moore, Crystal Bowersox, Halle Barre, Sherri Shepard, Sonia Sotomeier and more…how do I get their attention?

One thought on “Getting to work…

  1. I’ve got an autiobio piece on having had type 1 diabetes since 1958 & earning a black belt in aikido, about 1800 words. If you think it might be helpful as research or to include, please drop an email to:

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