Book deal with Demos Health

I half expected balloons to float down from the clouds, music to fill the air, champagne (even though I don’t like champagne) to be delivered to my door, or at least not to have to change a poopy diaper within minutes of hearing the good news. The good news that came at lunch yesterday, of a book deal with Demos Health! I quickly realized however, that life doesn’t stop for book deals.

I’ve always wanted to be a published author. Ever since the days of walking home from school when I would tell stories in my head about girls named Jessica and Catherine who had long, blonde hair and rode horses, I wanted to write a book. And now my dream has come true and I guess I thought I would feel different. Mostly, I’m nervous and excited and even a little stunned. (I wasn’t sure this would ever really happen.) Mostly, I feel like I need to get to work.

Demos Health is sending me a contract to write a book about women with diabetes. (They say I need a snazzier title…) It’s going to be a guide type book, a book with advice from women living with diabetes, “tips from the trenches” in a collection of voices from women who know how you feel. Because even in the world of social networking where people with diabetes are only a click away, (so different then when I was growing up where the only other person at my school with diabetes was the nurse who was in her 50’s. There was no Jonas Brother in sight…) it still feels lonely living with this illness. It still feels like the information available is written by doctors, not diabetics.

I put this book proposal away two years ago when I went back to school for my MFA. I’d worked really hard on the proposal and received at least ten rejections, most telling me they liked the idea but anthologies didn’t sell well, so I shelved the project and decided to write my story about growing up with diabetes. After graduating, my friend Cheryl Alkon, author of Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes, put me in touch with her publisher, I made changes to the proposal (including changing it from an anthology to an advice book) and the rest is quickly making history.

So, my goal is to write a book that will act like a resource, something you can pull out when you have a question on everything from eating (and eating disorders) to dating (and sexuality) to the working girl to marriage and motherhood and aging gracefully. I’ve got an 8 month deadline so it looks like this is baby #4.

Balloons didn’t float from the clouds but the house is quiet this morning, Reid slept 4 hours in a row (hasn’t done that in awhile!) and I’m drinking my coffee then going for a run before anyone wake up. I’d rather have that then champagne any day!

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