The high price of good health

What would you do with $1200? Buy a new bathingsuit for the season? A pair of sunglasses to replace the cheap ones you’ve been wearing for two years that have recently chewed on by your ten month old teething baby? Or spend it on air conditioning for your husband’s car since you live in the south and no one should be driving in the south in the summer without air. No, if you’re me, you’ll do none of those things with that money. Instead, in monthly payments, you spend $1200 paying off your bill to Insulet Corp., the makers of your insulin pump. (omnipod)

No one likes a complainer so after this post I’ll do my best to put a smile on my face (or at least a grimace), and go back to multiple daily injections because I don’t have $1200. It’s my own fault for getting behind on my payments, for living on one salary in a five person family, for quitting my job to stay home with my kids…maybe if I had a well paying job I could afford the medical equipment necessary to keep me in good health.

How wrong is that? How is it that the best equipment, for diabetics anyway, is the most expensive? How is it that Blue Cross Blue Shield will cover 50% of my prescriptions after I fulfill a yearly $1000 deductible? I keep thinking I must be missing something. Surely the medical establishment wants me to be healthy. Surely my insurance company would rather cover equipment and prescriptions to keep me in good health so I have less chance of expensive complications down the road. Surely someone sees the logic in that, right?

I remember when I was first diagnosed 25 years ago my doctor told my mom that diabetes was one of the most expensive diseases. My parents didn’t have much money then, and as an adult I don’t have much more than they did. And sometimes I’m tempted to try and add up the dollars we’ve spent for my illness over these 25 years. But part of me doesn’t even want to know because it’s an exercise in frustration, like banging my head against the wall, it’s not going to solve anything. In the meantime, until I pay off this bill, I’m going back to shots. They are not as good, but they’re cheaper.

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