Mary Karr’s Lit

As a memoir writer I am a big fan of Mary Karr. I’m almost through reading her latest, Lit and as always, she’s given me a lot to think about. In this memoir she writes about her alcoholism, being a mother, recovery and spirituality.

It’s fitting that in this very non-spiritual place in my life, I am being inspired to think about spirituality from a great writer (instead of a church or a minister etc.) I haven’t been to church in a year? longer? and people (in-laws) keep asking me when we are going to get Reid baptized. His brothers have been baptized in the church where my husband and I were married. The church has sent me information about baptism dates and yet I can’t seem to make myself fill out the form… feels hypocritical somehow.

But reading Lit, I’m starting to think differently. I’m starting to think that maybe being spiritual doesn’t mean you have to go to church (and dress up and dress the kids up and sing songs and say prayers that I don’t understand and always made me feel like a poser anyway). That maybe all I need to do is kneel down on my own floor and say a prayer, any kind of prayer. And I feel so corny saying that but so did Karr which makes me feel so much better!

I’ll still need to dress up and go to church to get Reid baptized…but maybe that will just be the beginning of something. I still have to finish the book but I’m surprised that its taken me down this path and maybe I’m grateful too.

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