Book promotion

This is the best essay I’ve read on book promotion in a while. I have to say it makes me cringe when I read rants from authors who complain about touring the country to promote their book. At least your book is published, I hiss under my breath.

Well, Stephanie Elizondo Griest gives it to us straight in her Poets&Writers (Nov/Dec) essay, Confessions of an Author Nomad, promoting Your Book At All Costs. Her opening line had me hooked,

“Three years ago I drew the sad conclusion of every writer without a spouse or a trust fund: I could either write or pay rent. Not both.”

I laughed out loud and had to read it, slowly and with emphasis to my husband so he could appreciate that there were others out there like me, willing to go without in order to write! While I have a spouse, we also have 3 children and a mortgage and on and on so maybe she should clarify her statement as a “spouse who makes a lot of money or a trust fund”…..

Griest’s path of promotion is definitely not one I could emulate with 3 kids under 10, but I appreciate her enthusiasm and love of the journey. Her essay about the life of a published author on the road is inspirational instead of depressing, and we can all use more of those tales…..

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