The Diabetes Seafood Cookbook


I am not a big seafood eater but I live in South Carolina and am determined to become one. Barbara Seelig-Brown of has written a new cookbook for the ADA called, The Diabetes Seafood Cookbook, fresh, healthy, low-fat cooking. With over  100 recipes that range from mango tuna salad to salmon with black bean salsa, each recipe includes nutritional information and cook’s tips in 3-4 simple steps.

While I love to cook meals for my husband (cooking for the boys is not much fun), seafood has always scared me. What I like about this cookbook is its simplicity. I was not afraid to attempt a recipe, and in fact, I went out and made baked scallops & mushroom sauce and it was delicious! (I’ll add photos later.) The entire process took less than 30 minutes (the amount of time the baby was quiet in his bouncy chair), and had only 14g of carbs per serving. And, it was good.

There are many salmon recipes and while I have stayed away from salmon because of it’s fishy taste, I know it’s good for me. So I’m going to gather my courage and give one of Barbara’s 17 salmon recipes a try. Maybe roasted salmon with vegetables? Or salmon tacos, salmon and spinach pie? Something that doesn’t taste so salmony! Wish me luck…..

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