Dumped the Pump

I ripped my omnipod pump off last week in frustration and haven’t put it on again. I’ve been doing shots, 5-6 a day and I have to say, it’s a relief to have my body back.

I feel like I am one of those 90 year olds they keep featuring in the local newspaper who is still using an antenna for their tv. I keep reading those stories and getting frustrated with the elderly, thinking, come on already, get with the program! But I can’t, because I too prefer my old fashioned antenna (shots) to the modern cable (pump).

I hated the way the pump, or “pod” as omnipod calls it, felt on my body. I hated the way I could feel it when I drove or when I slept or when I leaned back on the couch. I hated the way it was so visible underneath my clothes. But most of all I hate the feeling that I am alone, that I am clutching to my antenna as the cable guy knocks on my door. Am I the only one out there with rabbit ears, the only one out there who doesn’t like having a piece of plastic equipment stuck to their body?

Of course there were things I liked about the pump too….I liked that I could eat in the middle of the afternoon when I was hungry-an especially good perk for a pregnant lady-that all I had to do was push a button and eat. I liked that I didn’t have to inject myself and I liked that I could micro-manage the amount of insulin flowing into my body. But still….all my life I’ve tried to keep diabetes in the passenger seat while I drove and wearing this pod made me feel like I had a flashing light on the roof of my car calling attention to me.

So I decided to go back to what is the lesser of two evils. Shots instead of a pump.

Making that choice left me feeling blue, wouldn’t it be nice to think I was choosing the better, instead of the less worse option?

2 thoughts on “Dumped the Pump

  1. Hi–I always wondered why you went with the Omnipod, which I agree, looks obvious and pokes out of clothes. With a pump with tubing, it’s easy to clip it to a belt or put it in a pocket. Would you ever consider a different style of pump?

    • Really? Well I’m glad you agree, I’m not crazy! I don’t know if I’d switch, I tried the mini-med once and all the wires really bothered me, it’s still visible, especially in the summer! I am convinced there is no perfect solution……

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