My love/hate with the Omnipod Pump

I’ve been wearing this pump for almost 6 months and sometimes want to throw it out the window. Just now, as I sat at my desk talking to a client on the phone, I leaned back into the chair and the pump ripped halfway off my back. The other day after I got out of the shower and was toweling off, I ripped the pump off as I dried my arm. That’s $30 down the drain……

But later that same day, (being pregnant) my stomach began to grumble and I wanted to eat an apple with peanut butter. So, I estimated the carbs, grabbed the remote, punched in the number of a bolus and ate. Simple. 

But is it really?

After doing shots for nearly 25 years, wearing the pump has made me see how much easier life can be….but it’s still an egg on my body. It’s nowhere near perfect. And I don’t know if I’ll keep it on, keep paying for the pump, after this baby is born. I’m vain afterall, I like to wear clothes that fit and I don’t like seeing an egg sticking out from my side like some kind of strange growth. At least with shots, my body was free from bulky medical equipment.

Why aren’t we further ahead? Why isn’t there a wireless-less pump that is flat and unobtrusive? is it too much to ask?

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