Diabetics “skimping on health care” because of the recession

Diabetics Skimp on Care During Recession

This story got me fired up! Just last week I got a bill from my semi-new endocrinologist whose office happens to be inside a hospital and I read that I was supposed to pay an additional $70 (outside my $40 co-pay) for because her office is in a hospital. My insurance won’t pay until I fulfill my $1000 deductible, so one appointment, which lasted about 15 minutes, is costing me $110. How crazy is that? At twenty weeks into my third pregnancy, I can’t switch doctors now…and come to think of it, I’m not sure we have any endo’s in SC with offices not inside a hospital. What is a girl on a budget to do? 

Of course in the article they don’t separate type 1 and type 2 diabetics and the photo they show to accompany the story is of some overweight woman who got very sick after she started “skimping” on her meds when her husband lost his job and insurance… but I’m realizing that we are all in this same sinking boat.

Good diabetes care is expensive. period. So is bad diabetes care. In the last 25 years of having diabetes, I’ve spent approximately125,000 on this disease. (based on an average of $5000 a year which includes doctor apts, insulin, and pump supplies.)  

None of this is cheap so what is the answer? I’d like to know because we’re living on a fixed income in the middle of a recession…..if someone has to decide between feeding her kids and testing her blood sugars, what would you do?

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