Diabetes linked to postpartum depression

A new study conducted by researchers at the Harvard Medical School have shown that,

“Pregnant women and new mothers with diabetes had nearly double the risk of developing postpartum depression as women without diabetes, a new study reports, revealing a potential risk factor for a serious psychological disorder that affects more than one in 10 new mothers.” (Boston.com)

Results were published in the Feburary 25th issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.  The researchers said that the stress of managing a chronic illness might contribute to the risk of depression. 

The study didn’t designate how long women had been living with diabetes and whether the pregnancy was planned or not. Also, the women in the study were all from low-income families, but the researchers believe the findings would be similar with higher-income women. (Which makes no sense to me!)

As a pregnant woman with (the very expensive) type 1 diabetes living paycheck to paycheck, I know more of my stressors come from our struggle to make ends meet than my blood sugars. This study is important and valuable to understanding depression and chronic illness, but I wish it had been done on a larger scale with a better representation of diabetic women.

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