In the Magazine: the Senator Track by Lisa Belkin

This week’s New York Times Magazine, Lisa Belkin writes about Caroline Kennedy’s Opting Back In to the workforce in her article, In the Magazine: The Senator Track.  Belkin is such a great writer and by the end of the essay I wanted to pump my fist into the air and say, hell yeah!

Read the story, Belkin sums up what it means for all of us mothers looking to return to the workforce after being home with our children the “mom sabbatical” and how the workforce of the future needs to change. She begins with a mother in Philadelphia who is re-writing her resume, something I’ve done on and off over the last year, and segues to another mother, Caroline Kennedy. Of whether of not Ms. Kennedy has the right kind of experience for the job Belkin says,

“let’s stop with all this talk of inexperience when we mean a range of experiences, many shaped by motherhood. The only way work will become more flexible for for everyone, for all of us, is if the untraditional begins to count.” 

Let’s hope it happens sooner rather than later….

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